About Your Portable CFO

Our mission at Your Portable CFO is to provide small business owners with the information and support they need to run their business more effectively and efficiently.

Our experience includes commercial and consumer banking, corporate management and small business ownership. Our vision is to utilize the skills we have gained from these careers and provide our expertise to our customers, making it easier for them to run and understand their business.

Since most small business owners do not need a full time CFO, we have designed a service which provides the skills needed without the expense of a full time position. The parts of the CFO function that are necessary in running a smaller business such as understanding the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements as well as dealing with commercial banks and commercial lenders can be provided by Your Portable CFO


With most small business owners spending the bulk of their day selling their product or service and putting out fires with customers, vendors and employees; little time is left over to perform financial analysis. Your Portable CFO solves this problem by gathering your company data and presenting the information to you in a manner that you as a business owner can understand.  We guide you through the analysis of your company's numbers so that you can see your company's strengths and weakness and implement strategies to enhance your company's operations while at the same time allowing you to focus on day to day operations.


Your Portable CFO works with you to design a customized program that suits your needs and budget.


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